Aviva Stadium. (c) Liam Coughlan.

You can get in contact with me via:

Twitter: Murray_Kinsella


Facebook: Murray Kinsella



4 responses to “Contact

  1. alastair byrne

    got u do something on your site where u can recommend your site to a friend?

  2. If you just enter their email address into the ‘Follow this blog via email’ section on the top right then that email address will get a mail every time I post a new blog!

  3. alastair byrne

    awsome…also murray, will you or can u save the ba ba game and put it on your site..they are NOT showing it in the land of rugby, and i for one would like to watch it..if u could that would be brillant..cheers

    • Still finding it hard to believe, but the Barbarians game isn’t being shown on TV here either! It’s a bit of a joke really, don’t know how it’s happened. Even Sky and Setanta have failed to pick it up. We’ll both be reading about it online, rather than seeing any highlights!

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