Davies and O’Driscoll: Centre Combination


My piece over on the Elverys Sports Blog today takes a detailed look at what Jonathan Davies and Brian O’Driscoll contributed for the Lions in the second test. Have a read of that piece by clicking here. The video above highlights the lack of understanding between the pair, which I talk about in the article. I feel that Jamie Roberts has to start at 12 for the third Test, with Brian O’Driscoll outside him. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment over on the Elverys Sports Blog.

6 responses to “Davies and O’Driscoll: Centre Combination

  1. Chogan (@Cillian_Hogan)

    No arguments at all.
    I’d ad a Sexton wrap in the 2nd test that Sexton ultimately lost forward but the glare was at Davies for being too early

    • Yep, that was another one. There are a few more example here and there, way more subtle but just doesn’t look too comfortable between the two of them. The Lions have other problems for sure, but think they need Roberts in.

  2. That last frame tells you everything, the look on O’Driscoll’s face

    • Imagine how Davies felt! Even worse were the absolute filthies Genia was giving O’Connor after he kicked directly to touch right at the end. O’Connor wouldn’t even look at him!

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  4. What u have highlighted of Davies shows he was all over the place. However it pains me to say that if Davies stayed out on the try, O’Connor may have gotten around Drico. However, Davies not listening to Drico telling him to move out was his error, he’s a bit slow thinking. Drico made the call, and Davies was too slow to react, and Davies first instinct should have been to drift out to his man anyway.

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